The Aussie spent a few hours in the swamp, with only his nose

The Aussie spent a few hours in the swamp, with only his nose

The Aussie lost control of the excavator, working on the dam, and fell into the swamp, where he spent a couple of hours. He managed to survive only because on the surface stuck out his nose, and the man was able to breathe.

It happened 300 kilometers North of Sydney, under the excavator, which was ruled by worked on the dam, 45-year-old Daniel Miller, suddenly crumbled to the ground, and he fell into the water. Man pinned under the wheel of three-ton car, so he couldn’t get out.

According to Miller, survive him helped that he took the pose that you learned on the yoga. So he was able to breathe and call for help.

“When I realized that he was trapped, he tried to keep his head above water — I had to pull out of his arms and arching his back. I think it’s called the pose of the Cobra, told Aussie journalists. — I’m not a real yogi, but I can say that yoga saved my life. Yoga and the desire to live.”

According to rescuers, the man was in the swamp for about 2 hours, but his wife claims that her husband was waiting for help for 5 hours.

Miller himself said that all the time, thinking only that he must survive and return to his family — a wife and two young children.

“He was very lucky that he was able to survive,” — told reporters police officer Neal Stephens.

The arrived rescuers had to first pump out some water and dirt, and then to get closer to the man and release him

“It is amazing that he was able to spend as much time with arched back and nose above water”, — shared one of the rescuers.

“The pure power of the spirit”

Saved Miller was airlifted by helicopter to the nearest hospital in Newcastle where the doctors diagnosed men hypothermia and minor injuries of the back.

“Dan’s all right! — wrote to his wife on the Internet. — He was trapped — pinned by an excavator, slipping from under the feet of marshy soil. Only the power of the spirit and lust for life helped him survive. In addition, he is a strong and healthy man. This story has no relation to good luck: this is an incredible effort taken by an incredible man.”