Russia does not supply tanks to the militia of Donbas – Peskov

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov has denied the information that Moscow supposedly supplying tanks to the militia of Donbass. According to Peskov, the origin of tanks is better to tell the official Kiev.


“It’s still the Ukraine, these are areas beyond the control of Kiev, but this is Ukraine. Despite the fact that Ukraine is carefully rejects these regions. Therefore, we should, perhaps, ask why there was such situation, that in Kiev”, – said the press Secretary.


Peskov also said that no Russian volunteers sent to the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine through official channels, but he was aware of the citizens who volunteer to go in the Donbass in private, to participate in the protection of people from the aggression of Armed forces of Ukraine.

Photo: John trust / RIA Novosti