Rowdy opened the door to the emergency exit in the Indian aircraft

One of the passengers of an Indian airline IndiGo on the morning of 10 February opened the door to the emergency exit when the plane was on the tarmac of the airport of Mumbai, the incident injured one person, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the company.


“Immediately after the end of boarding, the plane has not had time to start driving, the passenger suddenly opened the emergency exit door and pulled an inflatable ladder,” — said in a statement.


In the emergency the bruises and contusions received a rowdy neighbor.


It is emphasized that the crew immediately responded to the incident, informing the captain of the ship., But he had already passed the message about the incident to the ground, then shut off the engines of the ship and ordered to provide medical aid to the injured passenger.

Photo: Paul Mayall / / Globallookpress