McCain has accused Moscow of meddling in the Afghan conflict

John McCain

Russia currently interfere in the conflict in Afghanistan in order to thwart U.S. attempts to resolve the situation in the country, said on 9 February, us Senator, Republican John McCain. The text of his speech at the meeting of the Senate Committee on armed forces published on the website of the policy.

“Reports that Iran is arming and financing the Taliban. And the situation would not be so difficult, if Russia had not intervened in Afghanistan with the apparent attempt to support the Taliban and to undermine the [activities] of the United States,” McCain said.

The Senator added that [banned in Russia] terrorist organization “al-Qaeda” and the group “Haqqani Network” continue to threaten US interests in Afghanistan and beyond.

Earlier that day President of the United States Donald trump on Twitter advised McCain not to talk to the media about the failures and successes of military missions. “It only encourages the enemy!” — wrote in his microblog occupant of the White house, noting that McCain is “so long lost that no longer knows how to win.”

“Look, what a mess is happening in our country — we are everywhere enmeshed in the conflict. Our hero…” — wrote the President of the United States.