Lavrov spoke about the attempts to recruit Russian diplomats

Recruiting activity in the attitude of the Russian diplomats is evident not only in the United States but is not uncommon in other foreign countries. This was told to the newspaper “Izvestia” , the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the eve of the Day of the diplomatic worker.


According to him, the profession of a diplomat has always been fraught with risk for life. He noted that Ministry staff often have to “work in very difficult conditions and sometimes in an openly hostile environment”.


“Among the examples – a large-scale deportation from the United States. It was anti-cramp coming administration of Barack Obama. Such actions, as well as recruiting approaches, accompanied by blackmail and threats, not uncommon in other countries – not only in the United States,” – said the Minister.


Lavrov said that Moscow is working to strengthen physical safety and professional security of diplomats abroad.


“In some countries with a high degree of risk, with the consent of the local authorities work fighters of the Russian special forces. Many States use the services of local private security companies”, – the Minister added.


According to him, after the tragedy in Ankara, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to develop additional measures to ensure security of Russian diplomatic missions and staff.

Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin / Russian Look / globallookpress