Intelligence the DNI announced the upcoming Arturo the APU in Debaltsevo, Gorlovka and Dokuchaevsk

In the command of the self-proclaimed people’s Republic of Donetsk warned residents about impending artillery strikes of AFU at Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk and Debaltsevo. Evidence that the Ukrainian security forces are preparing to strike for three by priportovym cities of the Republic found intelligence DNI. It is reported by “Donetsk news Agency” with reference to a source in the operational headquarters.


According to the speaker, the Ukrainian military are just waiting for the order to open fire on civilians with heavy artillery.


He noted that according to the plans of the APU provocation must occur in the very near future. The main objective of these actions is “to destabilize the situation at the front”, — explained the representative of the command.


It should be noted that the armed forces of the Donetsk national Republic are trying not to succumb to provaccia and continue to adhere to the ceasefire.

Photo: Ministry Of Defense Of Ukraine