In the state Duma proposed to prohibit discounts on alcohol

Deputies from LDPR in the state Duma introduced a bill to ban the promotion of alcoholic beverages, in particular through the provision of discounts. The document is published in the database of the lower house of Parliament.

“The prohibition of discounts on alcohol products will eliminate excessive demand for alcohol and will ensure the freedom of the consumer in choosing a product”, — said in the text of the bill. According to its authors, the affordable price of alcohol leads to alcoholism in Russia.

In particular, members point to regularly organize a trade networking promotions, which are often about 40-50 percent. According to the parliamentarians, this leads people to the “formation of reserves of alcohol.”

The authors of the bill assure that you don’t want to make people’s lives harder and more inconvenient, but trying to protect them from exposure to advertising and marketing campaigns.

On 6 February, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that the discounts on alcohol should be banned.

According to the Agency, published in January, the Russians began to drink less than one third in comparison with 2009 — now the level of alcohol consumption is more than 10 liters per person per year, compared to 15 litres six years ago. However, the current level of alcohol consumption still exceeds the recommendations of the world health organization eight liters per year.