Angry hedgehog rescued from petrification

Angry hedgehog rescued from petrification

It was difficult to suspect this lump of hardened clay a living being, if it did not show his irritation vicious pant.

Prickly animal was rescued by the volunteers of animal rights activists in the English Chichester after he had an unfortunate encounter with a playful dog, reports The Dodo.

It appears that the closer the dog threat, the hedgehog curled up into a protective ball, which, however, did not prevent the dog to roll the rodent in the wet clay. When the substance hardened, the poor hedgehog was trapped.

As told by the vets, wyzwolenie urchin out of trouble, they could hardly recognize in him the animal. He was very angry about what is happening and discontentedly hissed. Fortunately, gradually, the hedgehog was released from the ceramic armor.

Some time incredulous creation continued to remain in a coiled condition, but then his temper softened and hedgehog revealed himself to men. In the literal sense. Now the animal is well-fed, calm and satisfied with life. Very soon he will return home to the wild.