Vasilyeva declared the beginning of preparation of a new law on science

Olga Vasilyeva

The Ministry of education and science of Russia by decision of the government began developing the draft law “On scientific, scientific-technical and innovative activity in Russian Federation”. The head of Department Olga Vasilieva on Wednesday, 8 February, said in an interview with Gauge.

According to her, the current law enacted more than 20 years ago, does not allow to solve the tasks set in the “Strategy 2020”. The discussion document is planned to begin in March and be completed in December. “An open, modern, compact and efficient system of science management, to actively interact with researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, governments is a key objective,” — said Vasilyev.

In particular, the Minister believes that it is necessary to eliminate the fragmented system of research support. “The second challenge, related to the first — to make the system of formation of complex programs and projects open,” — said Vasilyev. Thus, in its opinion, any of the Russian research team will be able to integrate into a large-scale international projects. Also Vasiliev outlined the need to develop a technology transfer system based on the open market of intellectual property.

On 20 January the Minister of education stated that it favoured a return to the best traditions of the Soviet school. She noted that the school of the XXI century must educate a person who respects his people and appreciating the work. In November 2016 Vasilyev announced that the study of Russian language and literacy will be “even through coercion to it.” Also among her proposals was to make all the students clean the classrooms and the schools, in order to stop “educate the consumer”.