Ukraine experienced a national humiliation – Pimanov

The head of the media holding “Red star” journalist and Director Alexey Pimanov, commenting on the situation with Russian-Ukrainian relations after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, said Kiev that happened, of course, is a national humiliation. This Pimanov said, speaking on radio “Star” about his new feature film, “Crimea”, the premiere of which is scheduled for spring 2017.


“Many Ukrainians have experienced with the care of the Crimea and feel almost with the departure of Donetsk and Lugansk national humiliation. Especially the Western part, which was originally always treated the East as to the “Muscovites” and occupants. And it is necessary to understand”, – said the Pimanov.


However, said the Pimanov, Russia in the established in 2014 the situation was no other way but to protect people in the Crimea, otherwise it could turn full-scale bloody war.


“We were obliged to defend themselves, were obliged to agree to the annexation of Crimea to Russia. We were obliged to do it because it is to God we had to do. There now otherwise we would have thousands of corpses, there would be a war worse than Donetsk. We saved them, because they are ours. But for the Western Ukrainians it is a national humiliation,” – said Alexey Pimanov.


The film “Crimea” is held on the Peninsula during the “Russian spring” 2014. The painting is dedicated to love stories from Kiev and Sevastopol. Movie shooting is successfully completed, and it already looked distributors and representatives in the focus groups.


Details about the filming and the film, working in television, directing the plans of Alexey Pimanov will tell you on the day of their 55th anniversary, on 9 February, the TV channel “Star” in “Star Star” at 23:15.

Photo: Alex Nicolin/ RIA Novosti