Trump said XI Jinping, the intention to develop constructive relations

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump on Wednesday, February 8, sent a letter to Chinese President XI Jinping, Reuters reports.

The message of the American leader said that he hoped for cooperation with his Chinese counterpart to “develop constructive relationships” that benefit both countries.

Trump also thanked XI Jinping for his congratulatory letter on the occasion of the inauguration and wished the people of China prosperity in the new year on the Eastern calendar.

The relations between China and the United States deteriorated after trump spoke by phone with the leader of Taiwan Cai Invent that caused outrage Beijing. 12 December 2016, the Republican said no to Beijing to decide with whom to communicate. 4 Dec trump in his Twitter criticized the economic policies of China and its military activity in the South China sea.

A month later, Cai Inven met with several Republican politicians in Houston. Despite a warning letter from the Consulate of the PRC, a group of Texas officials, led by Senator Ted Cruz held talks with her. In response to the outrage of Chinese diplomats, Cruz said: “China needs to understand that Americans decide for themselves who to date. The Chinese can’t veto our meetings, and we will continue negotiations with all partners, including the Taiwanese, if it is beneficial to us”.