The speaker of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly threatened journalist army for a question about salary

Vyacheslav Makarov

The speaker of the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov has suggested to send in the army journalist of the portal “MR7” Sergei Kagermazova, who asked him about the salary. On Wednesday, February 8, according to “Fontanka”.

During a press briefing at the Mariinsky Palace Kagermanov asked Makarov, do not be ashamed if he could get a “small salary”. The speaker said he has never raised a question of money, and then said the name of the correspondent.

“Did you write that I love hands watch off and hand them out. You don’t know how the army awarded valuable gifts? You never in army did not serve?” — the speaker asked. Then he turned to the press Secretary with a request to remind you to clarify this question from a military Commissioner.

“Maybe we will call in the armed forces, show him what in the army are awarded the clock,” — said Makarov.

On 3 February the Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly from “an United Russia” Andrey Vasilyev complained about low wages and said that it needs to increase, reports

In November of last year deputies of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly voted for the abolition of the indexation of the salaries of the Governor, the speaker of the city Parliament, and also officials of all committees and district administrations. It was noted that this will allow St. Petersburg to save 850 million rubles.

The salary of deputies of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg in the range of 110-120 thousand rubles per month, according Their Metropolitan counterparts get about 384 thousand rubles per month.