The Kremlin reacted to the murder of Givi

The murder of the commander of the battalion “Somalia” of the armed forces of the breakaway Donetsk national Republic (DND), Mikhail Tolstykh, known as Givi, Moscow sees the attempt to destabilize the situation in the Donbass. On Wednesday, February 8, said the Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”.

“Of course, we hope that there is a certain margin of safety, and those who are behind such killings, will fail to lead to further escalation. Because even without that the situation remains, unfortunately, very hard in connection with the aggressive actions taken by the Ukrainian side”, — said Peskov.

He added that the Kremlin rejects any accusations against the Russian side on the possible involvement in the murder of Fat. “As for those who are behind the attempts of destabilization, then they should be identified in the course of investigative actions”, — said the representative of the Kremlin.

Tolstoy died on Wednesday morning in the office on the basis of his battalion in the vicinity of Donetsk. Close to the leadership of the DPR source said “the” that the office of the battalion commander was fired from rocket thrower “bumblebee”. The Republic’s authorities called the incident a terrorist attack.

Mikhail Tolstoy, a native of Donbas, he served in the Ukrainian army in armor. In 2014, the beginning of the armed conflict in the South-East of Ukraine joined the militia. At the head of the battalion “Somalia” took part in the battles for Slavyansk, Ilovaisk, Donetsk airport.