The head of the Italian interior Ministry invited the refugees to work for free

Marco Minniti

The interior Minister of Italy Marco Minniti proposed to grant the refugees unpaid jobs. On Wednesday, February 8, according to Il Sole 24 Ore.

“You need to use applying for refugee status for public works that can be financed by the European funds”, — said the Minister, speaking in Parliament.

According to him, “it will not create an imbalance in the labor market, because such work will be free”. Minniti noted that in every region of the country will open a detention centre for those who are going to send home. Such institutions will be able to accommodate 1.6 thousand people.

The Minister added that the hospitality “cannot be infinite”. “We need to reduce the processing time of asylum applications, two years is too long for those who are for it and for society,” he concluded.

As noted by RIA Novosti, for the year 2016 in the country on the Mediterranean sea arrived, a record number of migrants — more than 181 thousand people.