The foreign Ministry commented on the U.S. decision to revise nuclear doctrine


Natalia Seliverstova / RIA Novosti

Moscow hopes that new US nuclear doctrine provides an opportunity dimensionless using this type of weapon. On Tuesday, February 7, reported RIA Novosti source in the Russian foreign Ministry.

According to him, the change of doctrinal settings — it is perfectly normal. “The question is in which direction the current doctrine will be revised,” — said the source.

He reminded that the current concept “envisages the possibility of using nuclear weapons in all cases, when it affects the vital interests of the United States.” “What is it? Nobody knows. It will determine for itself the US administration, no clarity on this point,” said the source.

The absence of criteria, he said, distinguishes the American from the Russian doctrine, which “clearly defines the circumstances in which it is theoretically possible to use nuclear weapons.”

Earlier, on 7 February, the chief of staff of the us air force (USAF), General David Goldfin announced that the United States intends in the spring to revise his doctrine of use of nuclear weapons. “It is time, as with any new administration, to take a fresh look at the nuclear complex, which would have led to the development of strategic policy guidance to the Ministry of defence about where we want to direct the administration”, — quotes its TASS.

The previous version of the doctrine was prepared by the government of President Democrat Barack Obama. Unclassified version of this document Washington released in April 2010. Before that, fragments of the materials were published only twice: when Democrat bill Clinton (he held the presidency from 1993 to 2001 ) and when Republican George W. Bush (2001-2009).