The existence of the impossible type of black holes

Astrophysicists from Australia and the United States have discovered a black hole the average weight, the existence of which was previously thought impossible. The research of scientists was published in the journal Nature.


For a long time it was believed that there are only two types of such objects: black holes of stellar mass that formed in the explosion of stars as well as super-heavy black holes, which are formed as a result of collisions of cosmic gas clouds. The mass of the black holes of the first type only 200-300 times the mass of the Sun, while objects of the second type in the hundreds of thousands or even tens of billions times heavier than our sun.


Australian and American scientists have managed to prove that there is a third type – the average black hole mass. So, analyzing the pulsars in a globular star cluster 47 Tucanae, scientists have discovered a black hole that the mass of the Sun is approximately 2.2 thousand times. This is the first such discovery in the entire history of observations of the cosmos.

Photo: Chandra / Globallookpress