“The battle of psychics” was recognized as the most unscientific transmission

“The battle of psychics” was recognized as the most unscientific transmission

Other candidates for the award became the “national Council for homeopathy” and the news Agency Regnum.

MOSCOW, February 8. /TASS/. TV show “Battle of psychics” became the winner of an anti-award “For devotion to science”. This became known during official ceremony of awarding, the correspondent of TASS.

The TV show “Battle of psychics” — a Russian television show on the channel TNT captured on the basis of British Britain’s Psychic Challenge. The first season was released in February 2007, and to date the screen has already released 17 seasons of the show. Jury of all-Russian prize “For devotion to science” noted that transfer of the award.

Other nominees for antinegro was “national Council for homeopathy” and the news Agency Regnum. The latter was nominated for the award for the systematic promotion of alternative climate science who deny the greenhouse effect, and pseudo-scientific publications of Russian scientists on implementing the biological transmutation of the elements and its use for the treatment of radioactive waste.

“National Council for homeopathy” claimed the award, because in 2016, filed a lawsuit to the magazine “Around the world” because of the article “Dissolved magic.”

In the text, the author of which was a popularizer of science Asya Kazantsev journalist, cited the scientific evidence of the ineffectiveness of homeopathic remedies. At the end of December last year, the chief editor of the magazine Sergei Apresov published in my Facebook information that “national Council for homeopathy” lost the court.

All-Russian prize “For devotion to science” this year is awarded in eight categories: best popularizer of science, for the best television program, radio program, print publication, online, photographic work about science, the best popular science project. Also awarded the award, she notes the projects are widely spread pseudo-science.

The award was established by the Ministry of education and science of Russia. All winners, except the winners of an anti-award will receive a statuette in the form of a star and a cash reward of 100 thousand rubles.