“Star” was negotiating with SBU – Pimanov

President of the media holding “Red star”, Director Alexey Pimanov in an interview on “radio Star” remember how in June 2014, the employees of the TV channel negotiated with the SBU. It happened when in the East of Ukraine “the Right sector” was captured and taken hostage by the journalists of TV channel “Zvezda” Evgeny Davydov and Nikita Konashenkov. Journalists a few days kept in the SBU Dnipropetrovsk, and only after lengthy negotiations and appeals Pimanova directly to the leadership of Ukraine Davydov and Konashenkov were released. Pimanov emphasizes that had the ability to communicate and negotiate with the Ukrainian side.


“In 2014, when our boys from the “Star” was taken hostage, we then talked with SBU-schnick Ukrainian. We called the security service, talked with them, and was more or less some chances to negotiate, to talk. We could talk with the Deputy Kolomoisky and more or less able to negotiate. It was not yet the global gap,” recalled the Pimanov.


President of the media holding “Red star” admitted that after some time with the official Kiev became impossible to conduct such negotiations from Russia.Pimanov commented on this, talking about his new film “Crimea”, dedicated to the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia in 2014. The main characters of the picture – the Sevastopol and Kiev, a love story set during the events of the “Russian spring” in February and March 2014.


Movie shooting is successfully completed, and it already looked distributors and representatives in the focus groups. Details about the filming and the film, working in television, directing the plans of Alexey Pimanov will tell you today, February 9, the day of his 55th anniversary on air of TV channel “Star” in “Star Star” at 23:15.

Photo: ssu.gov.ua