Public servants will protect from dismissal for reporting corruption


RIA Novosti

Employees of government agencies, state enterprises and private organizations that reported cases of corruption in his team, can take under the protection of the state.

The labour Ministry has prepared a draft Federal law “On amendments to the Federal law “On combating corruption” (the protection of persons who report corruption)”. This document is available on the official website for publication of draft legal acts.

As follows from the explanatory notes, often there are cases of harassment of people who report about corruption in his team. The most common variant is when the man is hung the stigma of “Snitch” and mentally start to squeeze out of the team. And there are those cases when bosses just call to his conscious slave and need to leave the workplace within a few hours. And if the employee refuses to resign, he was beginning to cut wages, to find fault for any reason. In the end, it still fired.

In the Ministry consider that these violations of time law to understand. After all, the fight against corruption is one of priorities of state policy. In this regard, the Ministry of labor offers to take all the citizens who report corrupt offences in orgah state and municipal authorities, state corporations and enterprises, as well as in private structures and public organizations, under the protection of the state.

Thus, according to the Ministry of labor, it is necessary to require employers to keep confidential all personal information about the person who reveals corruption conspiracy. “Personal data of the person reporting a corruption offence may be made public only with his consent”, – said in the text of the proposed amendments to the law “On combating corruption”. If the man after he brought clean water to bribes, you need legal assistance, the state must provide it for free.

The employer, as explained in the Ministry of labor will also be responsible for detailed career conscious subordinate. It cannot be just to punish, deprive of the award, demoted, and even fired. To dismiss such a citizen can be, only if it is within three years will make a serious disciplinary offence, which will negatively affect the life of the team or disrupt the operation of the Agency. And even then, the Manager will not be able unilaterally to deprive the work of such a subordinate. In order to say goodbye to him, you will need to convene a special labor Commission. If it’s not in the workplace – to create a collegiate body for the resolution of disputes and conflicts, as well as be invited to the meeting of the Prosecutor.