Playgrounds torn to pieces: Donetsk hell from the inside

Ukrainian law enforcers 711 times in the last days fired at the DNI, APU fire again fired on the suburbs of Donetsk and Gorlovka. A resident of Donetsk Tatiana Akutina fell under one of the last attacks she remembers fragments of the Ukrainian shells started to carry the Windows and walls of her apartment. Tatiana six-year-old granddaughter and neighbors for more than a day hiding in a damp basement.


Near the dilapidated house the shells covered the two playgrounds. With a difference of just a few minutes they both broke. The bombardment lasted more than two hours. In Putylivka the Kiev district of Donetsk artillery strike was the most devastating. In the neighborhood there is virtually no house that wouldn’t be an artillery shell or a mine. After firing most of the houses were deserted.


Olga Ivannikova one of those who remained in the shelled area. Woman almost killed in the shelling, a fragment struck the sofa just a few inches from her.


In the Donetsk declared three days of mourning after the attack, which killed the commander of the battalion “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy DND with the Callsign Givi.


“Our assumptions about what was used the flamethrower or the grenade launcher with the vacuum charge, confirmed. The result, in principle, already on the trail of artists have found a place, where was this shot,” – said the Deputy head of the operational command of the Republic Eduard Bacurin.


In DND believe that the recent assassination of leaders of the militia of Motorola and Givi – links in a chain.