PE with the plane of the tramp occurred in the sky over Florida

The American authorities versed in the details of the incident, which occurred with the “Board №1”. About it reports TV channel ABC. As noted, in the skies over Florida to the plane of Donald trump unexpected close flew other aircraft.


The incident happened on 3 February, when the US President was heading from Washington to his residence Mar-a-Lago for a weekend.


According to the channel, an aircraft that flew parallel to the plane of the American leader, had to maintain a distance of at least three nautical miles (about 5.5 kilometres).


According to another speaker, ABC, the crews of the two sides were able to “enter into visual contact.”


As says the third expert, all the flight crews were in constant communication with air traffic controllers. So there is no risk of collision was not.


What kind of plane flew too close to the “Board No. 1” and at what distance, ABC does not call.


Now officials are investigating the cause of the incident.

Photo: David Bro / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress