Embassy in Nigeria reported as taken hostage by the Russian sailors

The ship BBC Caribbean Captured by pirates in Nigeria eight sailors from Russia and Ukraine are alive and well. This was reported by RIA Novosti press-attache of the Russian Embassy in Abuja Artem Romanov. To comment further, he refused, citing security concerns. “The Embassy is involved in this situation,” the diplomat added. On 7 February the Russian diplomatic mission in Abuja said that the pirates attacked and captured the ship BBC Caribbean, owned by the Briese group of companies. His side was kidnapped seven Russians and one citizen of Ukraine. Pirates operating near the Nigerian coast, and attacked a foreign court to seize the goods and kidnapping crew members for ransom. As a rule, after long negotiations, the sailors are on the loose, while the amount paid for their release are not known. The latest incident of this kind with the Russian sailors occurred at the end of November 2016.

At nuclear power plants in France, an explosion occurred

Continued: Named the possible cause of the explosion at a French nuclear power plant At a nuclear power plant in the French town of Haubourdin (Basse-Normandie region, North-West of the country), an explosion occurred. It is reported Ouest France. The explosion occurred at 10:00 local time (12:00 GMT) in the engine room, after which there was a fire. Reactor area received no damage. Injured five employees. The administration did not enact a contingency plan in case of accident, as the threat of radioactive contamination there. On-site emergency work, firefighters, medics and other emergency services. October 25, 2012 at nuclear power plants Haubourdin has been a radiation leak inside one of the reactors, which was on maintenance and was completely stopped. Due to the insignificance of the incident, it was decided not to conduct evacuation of personnel.

The foreign Ministry called the possible visit to Moscow Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte In Moscow expect that the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte will visit Russia closer to the summer. About it to Agency “Interfax” reported Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Igor Morgulov. “The President of Duterte have an invitation to visit Russia this year. I hope it will be implemented in the warm time of the year,” — said the diplomat. In early December of last year came to Moscow the Minister for foreign Affairs of the Philippines Perfecto of Yasai, who held talks with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Then the Yasai noted that Duterte may visit Moscow in the spring of 2017. 28 November 2016, the President of the Philippines has complained of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the Russian cold: “President Putin during our meeting said, “we are Waiting for You in Russia.” To which I replied: “thank you very much, Mr. President, but I

The HRC think about the legislative regulation of the wearing of headscarves in schools

The Council of the Russian presidential human rights Council (HRC) was proposed to regulate the right of pupils to carry религ0иозной clothing, said on Thursday, February 9, the newspaper “Izvestia”. “At least we need to agree on values and to develop common approaches. And then we’ll see if we are ready for a legislative solution of this problem,” — said a member of the HRC Evgeny Bobrov. In his opinion, the main question is how open students will be able to demonstrate their religious affiliation, and do not break is secularism of the Russian state. Another member of the HRC Alexander Brod noted that in the country there are regions where the vast majority of the population are believers, and they will need to provide a special exception. The debate on headscarves erupted after the leadership of Mordovia Republic has banned teachers and students at the school in the village

Tambov pensioner died after refusing ambulance to come to her

In the Tambov region launched a pre-investigation check upon death of the pensioner to which, according to media reports, more than a day refused to go by ambulance. This was reported on the website of the regional investigative Department of the Investigative Committee. It is noted that the 68-year-old woman died of a heart attack in the Tambov regional clinical hospital on the night of 6 February. “The spouse of the pensioner tried to call medical professionals from noon to 4 February this year, but every time the ambulance staff refused to leave and advised him to wait until Monday and call the doctor at home. Sunday, February 5, ambulance still hospitalized woman to the hospital, but to save the already failed”, — stated in the message control. About what happened earlier, on 9 February announced LifeTambov.ru. 3 February in the regional Department of health stated that, in Tambov region

In the state Duma has proposed to allow to serve under contract to citizens without higher education

The state Duma Committee on defense today recommended the lower chamber of the Parliament adopted in first reading a government bill allowing to conclude the contract on passage of military service the citizens not residing in the reserve, and the military, serving under call, if they have secondary professional education. On Thursday, February 9, reports TASS. According to current regulations to enter military service under the contract, not having served on an appeal, can be only men, not being in stock, and conscripts with higher education. “Every year, civic organizations produce approximately 500 thousand of technical specialists with secondary vocational education, most of them directly after graduation, subject to an appeal on military service”, — stated in the explanatory note, a copy of which is available to the Agency. It is noted that during the spring conscription campaign last year, was called to more than 32 thousand people with secondary

Carrier battle groups the Navy has successfully worked in Syria in the air, over water and under water

Advertising Skip the ads {{$root.cfg.modules.slider.galleryTable_4008756.stepNow *12 +1}} – 11 from {{$root.cfg.modules.slider.gallery_4008756.sliderLength-1}} Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” and the ship’s helicopter Ka-29 in the Mediterranean sea © Andrei Luzik/press service of the Northern fleet/TASS The su-33 (left) and MiG-29K (right) on the deck of a heavy aviabearing cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” © Andrei Luzik/press service of the Northern fleet/TASS Shipborne automatic gun caliber 130 mm for the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” © Andrei Luzik/press service of the Northern fleet/TASS Heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” Northern fleet © Andrei Luzik/press service of the Northern fleet/TASS Aircraft on the deck of a heavy aviabearing cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” © Andrei Luzik/press service of the Northern fleet/TASS MiG-29KUB on the deck of a heavy aviabearing cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”. © Andrei Luzik/press service of the Northern fleet/TASS Missile cruiser “Peter the Great” in the Atlantic ocean © Andrei Luzik/press service of the

Gatilov: a pause in the intra-Syrian talks in Geneva was delayed UN-necessary to hurry

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Gennady Gatilov © Anton novoderezhkin/TASS MOSCOW, February 9. /TASS/. Pause holding the inter-Syrian talks in Geneva unreasonably delayed, the UN clearly need to hurry. This was stated in an interview with TASS Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Gennady Gatilov. “With regard to the round of Syrian peace talks in Geneva, after many months of delay they are now to be held 20 February, anyway, so defined by the special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura, said the Gatilov. – We believe that formed from April 2016 pause unduly delayed, and the UN clearly need to hurry.” A qualitatively new step in Astana Moscow, he continued, considering the last meeting in Astana on Syria (23-24 Jan) “as an important, qualitatively new step in efforts to resolve”. “Because now in these processes involved the armed opposition,

In the state Duma proposed to give the baby a double surname at birth

In the state Duma proposed to give the baby a double surname at birth In the Duma proposed to allow parents to give the baby a double name, formed by joining the names of father and mother in any order. The amendment to the law on acts of civil status entered in the Committee on legislation. The amendment is proposed for the second reading of the bill to ban to give children exotic names, told reporters the Committee Chairman Pavel Krasheninnikov (fraction “United Russia”). He says: this idea was made by several deputies. One of the authors is a member of the Committee of the United Russia party member Olga batalina, said RBC a source in the Committee. Batalina confirmed RBC that support the amendment and said that the story will balance bill which imposes restrictions on the names of the children. The amendment stipulates that the child’s surname may