The house of Commons of the UK Parliament adopted a bill of Brexit

The house of Commons of the UK Parliament adopted the bill on introduction of procedure of exit from the EU (Brexit). On Wednesday, February 8, reports TASS. According to the news Agency, a government bill was in the third and final reading and adopted without a single amendment by an overwhelming majority of votes in his favour 494 deputies, against — 122. Now the document will go before the upper house of the British Parliament-the house of lords. On 2 February it was reported that the UK government has published a plan for Brexit — the so-called “White book”. In it, 77 pages sets out 12 main points, formulated by Prime Minister Theresa may on 17 January. In November 2016, she announced the intention to start at the end of March 2017, the official negotiations with the EU Brexit. In January, Britain’s Supreme court ordered her to first obtain the

Who lost eight children, the family has withdrawn complaints against the police and the guardianship

A preliminary hearing on the administrative claim Svetlana Del The family Del, eight foster children was taken to the guardianship, withdrew all complaints reported on Wednesday, February 8, in his Facebook the family’s lawyer, Ivan Pavlov. A hearing on the lawsuit Del passed earlier in the day in Zelenograd district court behind closed doors. It lasted about an hour, while the spouses themselves at the meeting was not reported Вести.Ru. In January Svetlana has filed a lawsuit against the police and the guardianship, took the children from the family, demanded to recognize their actions unlawful and to return children to their families. Was also filed complaints with the hospital and the Center for family and childhood, where children are. 13 Feb Zelenograd the court was supposed to start training on the case on challenging the termination of contracts of care. Ten foster children were removed from families Svetlana Del 10

The Crimean Tatars have urged the United Nations to recognize the Peninsula as part of Russia

The Crimean Tatar public organization “kyrym birligi” called on the UN to recognize the occurrence of the Peninsula in structure of Russia the relevant rules of international law and to abolish imposed by the West anti-Russian sanctions. As reported on Wednesday, February 8, TASS, this is stated in the appeal to the world organization. A document attached to a letter from the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin, President of the 71st session of the General Assembly, Peter Thomson. In treatment “qırım birligi”, in particular, it is noted that in Ukraine “for the years of independence there was not a single law aimed at rebuilding the political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Crimean Tatar people, which encouraged the government to commit acts of tyranny and violence against the returnee Crimean Tatars, disregard their rights in the political, spiritual and socio-economic development”. In public organizations emphasized

Kara-Murza Jr. came out of the coma

Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. Journalist, Federal coordinator, “Open Russia” Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. out of the coma. About this “Interfax” said his lawyer Vadim Prokhorov. “He came out of the coma and began to talk with his wife. However, while he can’t speak but communicates quite consciously a blink of the eye,” — said Prokhorov. The lawyer added that the patient has almost fully recovered the heart, disabled, hemodialysis, during some periods of time he does without the ventilator, but completely from it is not disconnected. On admission of the journalist became known on February 2. He was taken to the hospital in serious condition with symptoms similar to those observed his hospitalization two years ago. Then the examination revealed his blood multiple exceeding of maximum permissible concentrations of metals. February 4, Prokhorov announced that the city inspectors have begun check in connection with the hospitalization of a journalist. 6 Feb Kara-Murza

Trump has criticized us retailer for refusing to buy goods of his daughter

Donald Trump The President of the United States Donald trump expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the us fashion retailer, Nordstrom not to renew the contract with his daughter Ivanka for the purchase of manufactured under its brand name products. On Wednesday, February 8, the American leader wrote in his microblog on Twitter. “Nordstrom is so very unfair to my daughter Ivanka. She is a great person — always encouraging me to do the right thing! Terrible!” — says the publication. Later, on 8 February, White house spokesman Sean Spicer explained that trump’s statement is not connected with the business interests, he enrolled as a loving father. “I think it was not about business, but the attacks on his daughter. He was elected to the presidency, he won, he runs the country, and, I think, when the concern over his actions and his decrees transferred to members of his family,

The British Parliament gave the nod to Brexit

The lower house of the British Parliament in the third reading approved a bill on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. It is reported Reuters.   According to the Agency, the document was adopted by 494 votes to 122. Now the bill will be sent for consideration to the house of lords, which should also give it a rating.   We will remind, before mass media reported that as a result of Brexit UK could lose 30 thousand jobs in the financial, legal and consulting fields in the result. These data led the Brussels research center Bruegel.   In particular, London will lose 10 thousand jobs in the business sector and 20 thousand jobs in related fields.   But the Scottish Parliament voted against it on the eve of the start of Britain’s exit from the European Union. Photo: Stephen Chung / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress

The Israeli resort of Eilat came under rocket attack: video

According to the Egyptian resort of Eilat were fired from the territory belonging to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula four missiles that was intercepted by the Israeli missile. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the army press-service. Attempt shelling of the city resulted in the activation of sirens. Information on victims did not arrive. “The missiles were fired from the Sinai towards Israel. The missile defense system “Iron dome” intercepted a few of them,” said Israeli military. The local police scouring the neighborhood of Eilat in search of fragments of the missiles. Video: Conflicts / Twitter Photo: chiIIinois / Twitter

Batman, Kid, Motorola, Givi: how to methodically destroy the leaders of Donbass

Givi is not the first in the list of commanders of the militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics killed for the last time. And not just for the last. The hunt lead on the leaderboard. And that’s what the hunt – destroy purposefully, so probably not in battle, where few people were equal.   January 1, 2015The first day of the new 2015 LC began with a firefight. Unknown persons attacked a convoy of vehicles of the rapid response team. The fire was conducted from machine guns, grenade launchers and even flamethrowers. Alexander Bednov, the commander of the group Callsign Batman found inside the armored van. Along with him were killed five fighters.   Cossack death January 22, 2015After three weeks in the LC dies, another leader of the militia – the commander of the Cossack guard Evgeny Ishchenko with a call sign Baby. His car came

In Tajikistan, were going to return to the alphabet letter “C”

In Tajikistan, were going to return to the alphabet letter “C” Moscow. 8 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — IN Tajikistan are discussing the possibility of returning to the alphabet of the Tajik language the letter “C”. As reported “Interfax” head of Department of the Tajik language, Institute of language and literature of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan the Sayfiddin Mirzoyev, the proposal to return the letter “C” in the alphabet referred to the Committee on language and terminology under the government of the Republic. According to Mirzoyev, the need to return to the alphabet letter “C” is justified not only because it felt the problems when writing borrowed words, but when writing local place names. “The letter “C” is not alien to the Tajik language as some claim. It was present historically, including this letter was used in old Persian, sredneuralski languages and is now used in the Pamir languages as

Named the most decamiriade freshwater fish

Named the most decamiriade freshwater fish The Amazonian catfishes of the genus brachyplatystoma were Champions among fish on the distance of freshwater migration. It turned out that for life, they float around 11.6 thousand kilometers. Article scientists published in the journal Scientific Reports. In the South American Amazon river is inhabited by two large groups migrating fish haratsinovye (Characiformes) and catfishes (Siluriformes), which are brachyplatystoma. Despite the fact that catfishes are an important part of local commercial fisheries, zoologists still poorly studied and documented the movement. The overall mechanism of migration of most som looks about the same: first, adult fish moving upstream for spawning, and then their descendants passively drift or actively migrate downstream to the floodplains and river estuaries. There they continue to grow, then to go to spawn and continue the cycle of migration. Since the length of the Amazon is slightly less than seven thousand kilometers,