North Korea could build 60 nuclear weapons – media

North Korea has the resources to create more than 60 nuclear warheads, and has a stockpile of enriched uranium has approximately 760 kilograms, it is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the South Korean press.


It is noted that these data were obtained with the help of intelligence services of the US and South Korea. In addition to the 754 kilograms of highly enriched uranium, North Korea has 54 kilograms of plutonium. To approve a South Korean newspaper, the intelligence of both countries indicated almost the same exact figures.


Thus, according to the material, it can be argued that in addition to the known nuclear center in the North Korean city Jonben, there is another nuclear facility, presumably to the East from the first one, located in the town of Koson.


The DPRK frequently conducts missile tests and reports about the development of modern weapons. In particular, in January it became known that North Korea has developed Intercontinental ballistic missiles mobile home. According to sources, the length of the missiles was about 15 meters, and they are on mobile launchers, which will allow you to launch missiles at any time and in any place.

Photo: KCNA / Xinhua / Globallookpress