NATO and Russia agreed on a solution to the problem of flying with transponders


RIA Novosti

Russia and NATO failed to reach certain agreements to resolve the problem, flights with transponders over the Baltic sea, said Russia’s envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko.

“The other issue, which is on the agenda — the need to find ways to de-escalate, prevent dangerous incidents in the air, on the sea, there where the military activities of Russia and NATO. There is a dialogue, we exchange briefings on the exercises useless and there is one direction that allows you to experience the hope that we do make progress — working design team under the auspices of ICAO in the Baltic sea, which was engaged in the problem of transporteras. You heard last month about transponders? Nobody hears nothing, because within this group, agreements were reached that will partially resolve these issues,” — said Grushko in broadcast television channel “Russia-24”.

“The NRC (Council Russia-NATO), after hearing this group supported its work on March 3, she will meet again and maybe will open additional topics for dialogue between military experts and civilian experts to solve the problem with inconsistencies in the procedures governing military aircraft and commercial”, he added.