Kiriyenko proposes to simplify the procedure of entry into Russia for participants WFMS


RIA Novosti

The head of the organizing Committee of the world festival of youth and students (WFMS), the first Deputy head of the presidential administration proposes to create a maximally simplified procedure of entry to Russia for foreign participants of the festival.

“We need to minimize bureaucratic procedures, it should be as comfortable and convenient for visitors procedure. Once we call them to come and visit, no need to they faced complicated bureaucratic procedure. The absolute priority of safety is not discussed, inviting people to visit, we must be sure that everything will be absolutely safe” – said Kiriyenko at the first meeting of the organizing Committee.

“The experience of the Olympics we have. So let’s weigh it would be easier and faster: a simplified procedure for issuing visas or visa-free entry, let’s work through it and give an answer”, he concluded.

The festival will be attended by about 20 thousand people, including about 10 thousand foreigners.

About the festival

World festival of youth and students held in Russia from 14 to 22 October 2017. In its opening day in Moscow will host an international parade of students, while the main events will be held in the Sochi Olympic Park. Participants of the forum will be more than 20 thousand young people from 150 countries, including representatives of NGOs, teachers and politicians.

The organizers emphasize that the festival is called “youth to consolidate the international community around the ideas of justice, strengthen international relations and to develop inter-ethnic and intercultural interaction”.