“Insult Russia” demanded that the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church

The legislative Assembly in St. Petersburg

Opponents of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) gave a fancy dress rally in front of the city legislative Assembly. The participants of the meeting spoke on behalf of the fictional movement “Offended Russia”, said on Wednesday, February 8, “RosBalt”.

The audience expressed dissatisfaction with the protest, held on the Champ de Mars and inside the Cathedral, and distributing leaflets. Going to work MPs activists offered trays of bread and salt and candy “Askorbinka”.

“We are convinced that the demonstrative photography scoffer with the words “Museum — city” is not only insulting to each of us, but still able to be offended in Russia and worldwide”, — stated in flyers. The participants parody actions also assured that “the raising of the A4 sheets with the letters is not only a spit in the soul of every Russian, but the main threat to the national security of our country”.

“How long in our city of Saint Peter will be exposed to the erosion of ancestral moral values, loose spiritual ties?” — noted activists.

Among requirements of protesters — a legislative ban on all mass public events, except for religious processions and military parades, as well as the transfer of the legislative Assembly under the jurisdiction of the ROC. In this city Parliament it is proposed to rename the Committee the state of spirituality, and the speaker Vyacheslav Makarov to assign the title of Procurator. To the members of the legislative Assembly proposed to address “the Deputy-father.”

Materials on теме13:59 28 July 2015“it’s Hard to find the right word”Why ROC St. Isaac’s Cathedral

The authorities of St.-Petersburg has made the decision to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church on January 10. Governor Georgy Poltavchenko promised that his Museum function is fully preserved, but the decision has caused protest on the part of the public. In city rallies of both supporters and opponents of the transition of buildings to the Church.