In Krasnodar, the driver was dragged along the track inspector DPS

In Krasnodar the man will appear before court on charge in application of violence against inspector DPS. He squeezed the glass of the car the hand of the government representative, was dragged several metres along the road, then fled, according to SU IC in the region.


According to investigators, 17 may 2016 DPS inspector for inspection stopped a Mercedes car. The driver refused to provide documents and get out of the car. The inspector tried to apprehend the intruder, thrusting his hand into the open window. At this point, the driver, holding the right hand of the police car window, started the car.


As a result, the police officer several times and hit his head on the body of the vehicle and suffered multiple cuts on his hands and feet. The offender fled and was arrested some time later. Now he is accused of using violence dangerous for life and health, against a police officer in connection with the performance of their official duties.

Photo: Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia