How the world works: test your knowledge in science

How the world works: test your knowledge in science

On 8 February, Russian scientists celebrate their professional holiday.

Everything we used, everything present their own and others life would not be possible without increased knowledge about the planet and research new fields of science. Mikhail Lomonosov, Dmitry Mendeleyev, Ivan Pavlov, Igor Kurchatov, and Sergey Korolev — without the contributions of these and other domestic scientists, the world would be completely different.

It is therefore quite natural that the Russian scientific community has a professional holiday, which they celebrated on 8 February. A memorable date was established in 1999, but its roots go much deeper, to Peter the great times.

In 1724, Peter I gave the nod to the Foundation of the Academy of Sciences. Its present name — the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) — she wears since 1991. At the moment, in the RAS there are about 470 scientific institutions, which employ more than 50 thousand employees.