Had to do this before God: the film Pimenova “the Crimea” will tell the truth about the spring of 2014

Picture about Crimea, shot by Director, writer, journalist, TV presenter and head of the media holding “Red star” Alexey Pimanovym, due out in cinemas in Russia this year. For the first time, the events of 2013-2014, including the historic return of the Peninsula to Russia, shown in the fiction, through images, through the fates and characters.


Today need reliable truth, not only about the “Crimean spring”, said the author of the film: in need of rehabilitation and those events that were unfairly evaluated in different periods of our history.


For Alexey Pimanova, by the way, today celebrates its 55th anniversary, the priority was and still honesty is in life and in art.


Crimea a philosophical concept


A new creative project of Alexey Pimanova – feature film “Crimea” – will be presented to the court audience in the coming months. Work, according to the author of the picture, was almost two years of them in the last three months of shooting took place on the Peninsula, which he had to constantly move, arriving in Moscow to work on the program “Man and law” and solve problems related to the management of the company, and again returning to the set.



Crimea for the author of the film is not so much geographically, but a philosophical concept. The core of the film is the story of two young people from Kiev and Sevastopol, which was found long before the known events, but was “broken” Maidan. This is a life story, a love story based on emotions and lyrics. “The film is not about the war – he’s more anti-war, not in vain in the final credits are the words of the dedication of the paintings of Russian and Ukrainian officers who did not shoot each other, – said Alexey Pimanov. And, by the way, I’m confident that history will put them for this monument.”


The tape was realistic, even fighting came natural, which, however, was worth much effort the Director and the actors full of bruises. Not without explicit scenes: the film is about the young. However, the professionals have already delivered their verdict this part of the picture: so the sex in our movie still has not been removed, so everything turned out emotional, lyrical, piercingly.



It is worth saying that the film is already shown to focus groups, presented to prospective distributors. According to experts, the work was not “poster”: it is rather the story of how it hurts when “torn” two loving hearts and what happens when politics interferes with the lives of ordinary people. “Everyone who has seen “the Crimea”, saying that this movie, which is a good energy with a good “finish of the world”” – draws the attention of Alexey Pimanov.


Interestingly, in one of the focus groups included the Minister of defence of Russia, army General Sergey Shoigu, is also estimated the work positively. By the way, the film itself is, in fact, his idea. The idea of having to remove an “honest movie” about the events in Crimea Sergei Shoigu expressed in March 2014. In the picture reveals the key idea: what was the true cause of those events. And she was, to prevent the bloody scenario, similar to the current Donbass, to prevent blood.



Art that combines


Even when you create the script of “Crimea” the work was difficult. The reason for that is the constantly changing situation in Ukraine, emerging new contexts. The situation is changing, and in the discharge side. When in 2014 of journalists “Stars” have taken Ukraine hostage, according to the memoirs of the head of the media holding “Red star”, was immediately established contact with representatives of the SBU.


“At that time there was some chance at least to talk, – says Alexey Pimanov. – This gap as it is today, was not. It is then Poroshenko, the Verkhovna Rada went into a rage, started all the horror in the Donbass. The fact that in Ukraine the Kiev regime is now a civil war, was the result of illegal change of power. The history of such things does not forgive”.



The film “Crimea” – in fact, the first, tells art about the events in Ukraine. Unfortunately, States Pimanov, other colleagues today for this topic is not taken, referred to the need “to wait 10-15 years” when will “assess the incident”. Someone worked and Mercantile interests in case a visa will not give, will not allow to come back to the apartment in Paris… “Even the selection of the cast showed just how many in our community are cowards, people with small mind, “small” brains, but just narrow-minded, – said Alexey Pimanov. – They, by the way, and now expect us with this picture “will break your neck””.


The output of “Crimea” in hire is planned for June of this year. The author hopes that the film will look and the Ukraine. Of course, not in theaters, at least through the Internet. “Clever Ukrainians even today our movies and continue to watch over our resources and Network monitor”, – said Alexey Pimanov.



Even in the history of the Crimea, many Ukrainians are understanding of the situation, it is no coincidence that on the Peninsula continue to bring vacationers from the Ukraine. “The West today is offering to hold a “second referendum” in the Crimea. Why? Who and what is there to understand? – said the Pimanov. – On the Peninsula, home to two million citizens of Russia. It’s the people who surrendered their Ukrainian passports and receive Russian. Themselves. Voluntarily. Although he could refuse to remain citizens of Ukraine or even to leave. But they made their choice. That choice I believe the “second referendum””.


“We had to rescue people in Crimea, were obliged before God, – stressed Alexey Pimanov, speaking about the events of the beginning of 2014. – If not for our previous actions, there would be corpses”. And yet the map of hatred against Russia, which today compete for power in Kiev, will remain, he said. “Time shall heal, and resentment to go away. And I am proud that the film “Crimea” is just designed to make you think,” – said Alexey Pimanov.



Myths about Russia


Historical research the past of our mills have become the theme of creative works of Alexey Pimanova in another area – in literature. “The Kremlin-9” – series, which had already become popular. According to the author, he always wanted to get away from the imposed perception of national history only in black and white. “It has its aspects, its nuances. I always tried to understand what happened in the country after the revolution, when the “birth” of another world, – said Alexey Pimanov. – How did the generation that created everything and which is then, in our time, have been sacrificed? As we were led to believe that all of who and what we really were not?”.


In this context, is to evaluate other large-scale work of Alexey Pimanova – over film series “Myths about Russia”. “We’ve had less than anywhere else criminal charges, the punishment which threatens the death penalty, the author says. – Ivan the terrible was executed ten times less people than the English ruler of that time. But “brat” is still terrible! How the British behave in India how cruel they colonized the whole world? However, “bloody” for some reason only one Russia – the same Russia, which gathered around a site, invest in their development. Let’s see how many bodies laid in the twentieth century the Americans, from Vietnam to Iraq. But no, we continue to suggest that this is our country is cruel, and not any other”.



As a researcher of historical facts Alexey Pimanov offers to reflect on this contradiction. In Soviet years the population in the USSR increased almost two times. But how then to link the approval of the notorious “Memorial” tens of millions “tortured”? “We live in absolute myths about ourselves, and we have several hundreds of years are in an information war waged against us by the West – emphasizes Alexey Pimanov. – Needless to say, if in the Olympic Sochi, the Americans came to look on the streets of bears with balalaika! Why do they have to think so? The same thing is happening now and in the history of Ukraine: the real truth about what is happening, nobody in the West does not want to hear”.


In General, many problems with the current worldview is to evaluate from the point of view of education. And not only in Russia – all over the world. “Let’s be Frank, the words “Harvard” or “Oxford” doesn’t mean anything if the person really does not understand cause-and-effect relationships occurring in the world,” – said Alexey Pimanov. Ignorance is the same Barack Obama, the inability to understand the historical, religious contexts has led to serious consequences. Global consequences…


Not to be cold on the screen


“Star” is a relatively new word in the Russian media space. But here’s a fact: TV and radio lately is literally escaped in leaders of ratings, has risen in the ratings of TV experts from 25%. And this despite the fact that, as recognized by the head of the channel Alexey Pimanov, the audience of television today, unfortunately, is frankly getting old.


“For young people now closes on all gadgets, all the interesting content is on the Internet. And expect that there will be the older generation, gradually learning new technologies. Television should take into account these trends. Today’s television is a “war of content””, he said.



What has been done in this regard is the “Star”? “We have removed from Prime time old movies and TV shows, there is now only our products, such as the talk show is very popular, – says the head of the procession. – TC “Star”, according to all opinion polls, has now become the third in the country “channel of influence”. We are forming a discussion platform, doing the research and reports that make the news. What else is important: we are the “youngest” TV channel (Russian) at the average age of the audience.”


Serious attention is the “Star” is paid, and historical projects. And this is no accident. According to Alexey Pimanova, still far away the time when the Russians were taught that they live in the “land of losers”, called in something to confess. This perception of reality was imposed to us, said the Pimanov, adding: it is high time to change the situation. It is necessary to talk and not less difficult topics: ethnic, religious. But to have a dialogue here, we need peaceful, calm, reasoned.


“We are launching projects systemically, – said Alexey Pimanov. – In addition, we understand that any project – it is also chemistry. Including the chemistry of the image. Not to be cold on the screen. Most importantly, “Star” TV channel, radio, the Internet portal must be honest. The main requirement here is not to humiliate the country in which you live to humiliate people. These criteria are simple and human. I think so: if you want to criticize the system first come out of her. I don’t know how to betray. And hypocrites and cowards just hate.”


The “Stars” lucky star


Own luck says Alexey Pimanov choice leading to new programs. Leonid Yakubovich, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Alexander Marshall, Dmitry Dibrov. On the canal they opened up in new ways. “I knew that Leonid Yakubovich closely within the “Field of miracles”, it is thinner, deeper, smarter, more educated – said the Pimanov. – Same with Sasha Marshall. He’s coming from a military family, he has charisma, is what is called male power. Each of them I am grateful for the outstretched hand. And Vyacheslav Fetisov, I do call friend and brother. I said, ‘ he is a closed man. I disagreed and was right in front of the camera Vyacheslav opened up a completely different way. I actually am glad that the channel “Zvezda” are real men. Those that do not will substitute, will not betray”.



Inseparable “Star” and with the armed forces, although it is known that the former head of the military Department came close to destroying the channel, virtually bankrupting him, taking away the frequency. A promise from the then first person was clear: it is a non-core asset. With all the consequences… the Situation has changed with the arrival of Sergei Shoigu.


“We caught literally in the edge of the abyss, began to stretch, – says Alexey Pimanov. – We had no advertising, no budget. Now everything is fine. The future is”. However, the station Manager acknowledged that he personally could not sleep more than six hours, and it turns out to go far into the night. “Help the people, thanks to which I have, that is, the back is covered”, – he said.



Current team the “Stars” the head of the holding calls in one adjective: amazing. This, incidentally, showed the film in the Crimea: the channel during the temporary absence of the head worked in the stable regime. This suggests that all mechanisms are debugged, configured.


Among the new directions of the “Stars” (one-year), the head of the holding calls, of course, the 100th anniversary of the revolution. However, he emphasizes that the conversation on this topic will be no tantrums. “I do believe that this year should all be reconciled, – said Alexey Pimanov. – We have one, unified story. “Screams” that “Russia prior to 1917 were developed, and then “climbed Lenin”, which I hate. This primitivism. Happened civilizational explosion, this position and the need to assess historical events. We have a history, no better and no worse than other countries.”

Author: Dmitry Sergeyev

Photo: Alexey Ivanov/ Evgeniya Pleskova/ TRK “Star”