Churkin reported late the idea of the tramp to enter the Syrian security zone

Vitaly Churkin

The idea of the American authorities about how to enter in Syria safe zone for the refugees was too late. On Wednesday, February 8, said the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin, Interfax reports.

“The events in Syria have overtaken the idea of creating security zones”, — he said.

The diplomat said that currently in Syria there is a regime of cease-fire and “fastened the process of negotiations” between the Syrian government and the opposition, including armed.

Churkin added that the time is approaching when we need to raise the question of the return to their homes of refugees and displaced persons. According to him, currently they are returned in the Eastern Aleppo liberated by government troops.

The Ambassador believes that if at this time to begin to organize the security zone, “this will distract the attention, forces and resources from the essential task of returning people to their homes and provide them normal life.”