Chief Rabbi of Moscow has suggested to bring Russian students to concentration camps

Pinchas Goldschmidt

Chief Rabbi of Moscow Pinchas Goldschmidt called on the authorities to actively illuminate in Russian education the Holocaust, including organizing visits of students to the former concentration camps and places of mass executions of Jews, according to RIA Novosti.

Such events will help students to better grasp the principle of tolerance and anti-racism, said Goldschmidt. “When the educational system is constructed in such a way, then I guess this message will reach young people,” said the Rabbi.

Now, according to Goldschmidt, the students are much more difficult to understand the causes of the Holocaust. In addition to educational programs on this topic, it is also necessary and its active coverage in the media, he says.

The international Day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust is celebrated annually on 27 January — on this day in 1945, Soviet troops liberated the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. Most historians agree that the victims of the Holocaust were more than 6 million Jews.

On 26 January, the Institute of national remembrance has prepared for publication a database of 8.5 thousands of names of SS men who served in the camp since its beginning until the end.