Zhirinovsky proposes to hold elections every two years



The Chairman of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky considers that the holding of elections every year is impractical, it is better to campaign every two years. He stated this at a meeting with the head of the CEC of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova.

“I think abroad is a break, a year when there are elections. And we have every year, we just came in after (the single voting day – approx. TASS) September 18, you now need to prepare again in September,” – said Zhirinovsky.

He offered “to do a cycle like this: the presidential election in 2018, then another cycle to every two years elections are held”. “Otherwise, we train to train”, – said the leader of the LDPR. Break, in his opinion, will enable the parties to analyze the mistakes made during the campaign.

In Russia, every year the single day of voting second Sunday in September, and in the year of parliamentary elections – the third Sunday of September. In this day there are elections for governors and legislatures, and municipal elections.

A conversation with Zhirinovsky, Pamfilova began a series of meetings with leaders of parliamentary parties. “You are the first leader of the parliamentary party, with which we begin a series of meetings to hear your wishes and to pronounce a number of issues related to a single day of voting and the presidential campaign,” – said Pamfilova.

She stressed that such meetings are useful for the CEC to “consider how in the current situation, joint efforts to do everything possible to campaign were normal, decent, credible people and members of the party”.