Who lost eight children, the family has withdrawn complaints against the police and the guardianship

A preliminary hearing on the administrative claim Svetlana Del

The family Del, eight foster children which took the guardianship, withdrew all of its complaints, said the family’s lawyer, Ivan Pavlov.

A hearing on the lawsuit Del was held in Zelenograd district court behind closed doors. It lasted about an hour, while the spouses themselves at the meeting was not reported Вести.Ru.

13 Feb Zelenograd the court was supposed to start training on the case on challenging the termination of contracts of care.

Ten children of the family were seized on 10 January, when the Metropolitan educator of the kindergarten found on the body of one of the adopted children Svetlana Del bruises. The child reported that the beating was inflicted by his father. On the same day the guardianship seized the child together with the other nine, all of them at physical examination was found to have HIV.

Eight children were sent to hospitalization and two to the social shelter, after which they returned to the grandmother of the family. The Department of labor and social protection of population of Moscow has declared that in conversation with psychologist children confirmed the fact of beatings by the father, but Svetlana Del insisted that children lead an active lifestyle, and bruises they appear often by themselves.

In January Svetlana has filed a lawsuit against the police and the guardianship, demanded to recognize their actions unlawful and to return children to their families.