Ukrainian police showed a video with the alleged killers Sheremet

Natspolitsiya of Ukraine showed a video depicting the suspects in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet. The Agency showed a video at a press conference devoted to the investigation of the death Sheremet.


In examining video evidence, the investigators noticed a strange behavior of the people depicted in the record, and suggested that one of them laid an explosive device. You can also track the route of the suspects on 20 July 2016, when the assassination occurred.


Thus, according to the chief of investigative management Alexander Vakulenko, until notice of the charges is not handed to anyone, writes


“Persons who are reasonably suspected of: we have a holistic understanding of customers, executives, associates, but it is not a subject that can articulate,” said Vakulenko.


The car, which was Pavel Sheremet exploded in the center of Kiev in July 2016. Mashino undermined by a radio-controlled explosive device. The journalist died in the ambulance from blood loss. Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian journalist in the past two years lived and worked in Kiev.

Video: National polce of Ukraine / YouTube