Russian sailors kidnapped in the territorial waters of Nigeria

The ship BBC Caribbean

In the territorial waters of Nigeria kidnapped seven sailors — the citizens of Russia. On Wednesday, February 8, in his microblog on Twitter reported the Russian Embassy in Abuja.

According to diplomats, pirates attacked and captured the ship BBC Caribbean. His side was kidnapped seven Russians and one citizen of Ukraine. Diplomats appealed to the authorities of Nigeria to help in searching for missing sailors.

Russia in Nigeria (@RusEmbNigeria)
07 February 2017, 11:51

This information is confirmed the owner of the vessel is a German company Briese.

Pirates operating near the Nigerian coast, attacking a foreign court to seize the goods and kidnapping crew members. As a rule, after long negotiations, they are released, while the details, including the question of the payment of ransom were not disclosed.

The latest incident of this kind with the Russian sailors took place in late November. Then, Nigerian pirates seized the refrigerator “Saronic Gulf breeze” in the territorial waters of neighbouring Benin and took with him three persons — the captain, second engineer and cook. They were released three weeks later.