Peskov refused to condemn Moscow for the out of context phrase

Konstantin Reciprocality: Raikin explained his phrase nekrofilskoe Russia

Official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called for in assessing the performance of artistic Director “the Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin not pull out the statement about “nekrofilskom state” out of context. His words on Tuesday, February 7th, the correspondent “”.

“Unplug from the context, it was the whole phrase, which invested a different meaning,” — said Peskov told reporters in response to a request to assess the statement.

“You probably remember the full passage, which was described Raikin. There is about another,” he added.

The representative of the Kremlin has agreed that “it’s not really a good word in relation to Russia”.

Earlier, during a solo performance of “Over the sky farce”, which the artist presented on the stage of the St. Petersburg academic Philharmonic. Shostakovich, Raikin remembered crippled the fate of Russian poets Nikolai Gumilev, Marina Tsvetaeva, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Osip Mandelstam, Joseph Brodsky and others. The artistic Director said that prominent artists in Russia “etched” as long as they didn’t die.

“We nekrofilskie state, it loves the dead more than the living. Then they called names of streets, squares, metro stations, and before that kill” — he said.

The actor also expressed regret due to the fact that in Russian society there is no “moral vaccination”, so a change of power, nothing changes.

In October 2016, the wide public resonance was received by Raikin’s statement at the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia. He spoke out against censorship and “anti-morality” on the part of public organizations. The artistic Director stated that “words about morality, the Motherland and the people, and patriotism are covered, as a rule, very low purpose.”

The leader of the motorcycle club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov said that “these Raikin want to turn the country into the gutter, where sewage would flow”. Then Dmitry Peskov expressed the hope that Zaldostanov apologize to the Director for his remarks. However, an apology is not forthcoming.