Omsk deputies have forbidden to employ close relatives



Deputies of the Omsk city Council has forbidden to employ as assistants to their relatives. The appropriate legal act adopted on the initiative of the regional Prosecutor’s office. On Tuesday, February 7, RIA Novosti reported.

Previously, the Agency organized an audit, which revealed that more than 10 deputies of the city Council assistants were their close relatives, particularly children or spouse. At the same time, the monthly payroll assistant is 39 thousand rubles. Financing at the expense of budgetary funds.

The regional Prosecutor’s office considered that this situation leads to a conflict of interest and contributed in the Omsk city Council representation, and developed and submitted to the representative body of local self-government project proposing a ban on the employment of the assistant to the Deputy of his close relatives.

The final document was adopted in the second reading, approved by the mayor of Omsk and entered into legal force, said the Agency.

December 2, 2016, the state Duma has allowed the MPs to hire more assistants: two to help with the work on hunter’s Row, five in the region. On payment of their work will now be allocated 230 thousand rubles a month.

According to the law on status of deputies of the state Duma and the Federation Council members, on a voluntary basis for the people’s choice can work up to 40 people.