In Turkey due to the coup fired another 4.5 thousand public servants

The Turkish government has sacked 4464 civil servants as a result of the purges that followed the coup attempt in July 2016. On Wednesday, February 8, reports the Hürriyet Daily News. They are suspected of having links with the opposition movement a religious preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Among 2585 dismissed employees of the Ministry of education and 893 gendarmes. However, as the newspaper notes, the 17 employees that were previously dismissed, reinstated.

On 15 July last year in Turkey was an attempt of a coup, which killed more than 230 people. Even more than 2.1 thousand were injured. After the suppression of the coup, the country began mass purges in government, public administration, courts, education, the army and the security services. Was closed more than 130 media, over 81 thousand people were suspended from work or dismissed. 32 thousands of defendants in the case about the attempt of the rebellion, are in custody.

Authorities accused of organizing the coup living in the U.S. Gulen and demanded that Washington issued a religious figure. Himself opposition condemned the coup attempt and declared his innocence to her.