In search of the defaulters with the ruble offered to send drones

Deputy Chairman Mosobldumy, the Chairman of the Union of gardeners of the Moscow region Nikita Chaplin has proposed to launch into the sky drones that would detect non-payers of tax on property of physical persons, reports TASS.

“Our gardeners are basically paying the taxes. They are not paying the rich. We need to launch drones over the Ruble. We gardeners are required to check how they pay taxes, and we will see that they do not pay,” — said Chaplin.

Earlier, on 7 February, the Minister of property relations of Moscow region Andrey Averkiev, as reported TASS, said that to identify such cases already used aerial photography. She was held in 2014. With her help, according averkieva, registered in cadastre, more than 80 million homes in 2016, with it was raised taxes for 240 million rubles more than in the previous.