Daniel Radcliffe showed his double from Krasnoyarsk

Daniel Radcliffe showed his double from Krasnoyarsk

British actor Daniel Radcliffe showed a photo of the resident of Krasnoyarka, which has gained popularity in social networks because of the similarity with the played Harry Potter artist. A video published on Facebook page of ITV London.

Radcliffe was interviewed about the staging of the play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead” on the TV show when the presenter asked him and other actors to look at the double Briton Nicholas the Last. They noted that the Russian is really similar to the artist.

The similarity of the Placenta with actor Internet users discovered late January thanks to the Instagram account of a resident of Krasnoyarsk.


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Radcliffe became famous thanks to the role of Harry Potter in the film adaptation of the series of novels by JK Rowling about the young wizard.