Churkin explained why Kiev “ignites” Donbass

The aggravation of the crisis in the Donbass can be a provocation of the Ukrainian authorities. So says the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin. According to him, the growth of violence in the East of their own country Kiev could use to drive a wedge between Washington and Moscow.


One of the goals of those who provoke violence in Eastern Ukraine, could be disrupting the normalization of relations between Russia and the United States. To the potential of our cooperation could be realized to the maximum, we need to resolve this crisis”, said permanent representative of Russia to the UN


However, Churkin emphasized that the Russian diplomats do not expect miracles. Too pointed questions need to be addressed in the framework of bilateral relations. And Ukraine – only one of them.


We will remind, Vitaly Churkin has already met with his new counterpart from the United States, Nikki Haley. And said: unlike the previous the new White house administration is much more friendly stance toward Moscow. “Is it true – will know soon.”


In the near future, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will talk with the new Secretary of state USA Rex Tillerson.

Photo: Ministry Of Defense Of Ukraine