The white house has promised to declassify the attacks, which were silent press

The US administration promised to publish a list of terrorist acts, which remained silent in the press. However, this will not happen right now, and a little later. This is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the official White house spokesman Sean Spicer.


As notes the edition, reporters asked Spicer to evaluate the statement of the President of the United States, which was made a few hours ago. Donald trump, during his speech to U.S. military personnel in Florida, said that “in many cases, dishonest press doesn’t want to tell” about the terrorist attacks. The American leader gave no acknowledgment of his words.


According to Spicer, this list is sure to be made. In fact, there are examples, “which are, I think, have not received decent coverage in the media,” he concluded.


Photo: Kevin Dietsch / ZUMAPRESS