The media learned about the computer models the last flight of the Tu-154

The wreckage of the crashed Tu-154

Experts have created a computer model of the last flight of the Tu-154 of the Ministry of defense, crashed near Sochi, because the decoding and analysis of data the black boxes did not allow to come to a consensus about the causes of the crash. About it writes on Tuesday, 7 February, “Kommersant”.

In the mathematical model, according to the newspaper, laid the trajectory of the liner and the parameters of all it systems, including the engine and the position of the rudders. Based on these data, the specialists plan to calculate on a computer the two are not known quantities: take-off weight of the aircraft and its alignment. The result will allow to confirm or refute earlier assumptions made about the factors that led to disaster: overload the plane or wrong position of cargo and passengers on Board.

In addition, the model will show an accurate picture of the crash and allow you to answer the question, could the crew to avoid disaster.

According to “Kommersant”, while the participants in the investigation — the research center operation and maintenance of aircraft of the air force Ministry of defense and the interstate aviation Committee (IAC) — did not come to a consensus about what the cause of the crash was crew error. Against a version of the human factor made in the defense Ministry, where not believe that experienced pilots messed up the controls, removing the gear instead of the flaps.

IAC, in turn, try to solve the problem comprehensively. Currently, according to the newspaper, experts of the Committee to restore the entire system of control flaps, collecting its fragments, raised from the bottom of the Black sea. As said the source “Kommersant”, this will allow to prove or to exclude the possibility of technical failures in control circuits flaps.

The Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry crashed near Sochi on the 25th of December. Aircraft which were sent to the Syrian Latakia, disappeared from radar shortly after takeoff. On Board were 92 people, including artists of the song and dance ensemble Alexandrov and journalists. They all died.

On 27 December it was reported that experts have deciphered the record of the flight data recorder of the Tu-154. It was noted that the conversation of the crew is interrupted by the exclamation of one of the pilots: “Flaps, ****!” After that are the words: “Commander, fall!”

A few days later the chief of security service of flights of aircraft of Armed forces of Russia Sergey Bainetov said that the phrase uttered by the commander of the crew, indicates only the beginning of the development on Board a special situation, which lasted for 10 seconds.