The Archbishop of the Komi Republic, dedicated a poem stolen Audi

The Archbishop of Syktyvkar and the Komi-Zyryan Pitirim (Volochkov) dedicated a poem to his Audi, which was stolen during a Church service. The poem the priest posted on his page in “Vkontakte”.

As reported by the Archbishop in an interview with “Komiinform”, the incident occurred in Syktyvkar on the evening of 4 February. While he was in the service in the Cathedral of St. Stephan Cathedral, the criminals entered the territory of a hierarchal farmstead and stole his second-hand Audi sedan standing in the open garage.

“They [the hijackers] noticed our Ministers. We promptly reported it to the police. After a few hours, the guards found my old car in one of the courtyards near the Cathedral. However, far away they would not have left, because it is junk”, — told Pitirim, adding that criminals took a fancy to the Audi A8 2003 release, which has long been in need of repair.

According to the priest, the police transferred the records from surveillance cameras on the territory of the monastery, which depicted the two hijackers dressed in black.

Pitirim a poem called “God’s servant — “Audi” lady” that describes the hijacking, is the following quatrain:

“Before dawn I put the car,
Monitoring will turn back on.
God gave the Audi to me calling,
Again God prayer read”.