Surkov recalled “the dark past” of South Ossetia

Vladislav Surkov

Moscow is interested in financial assistance provided to South Ossetia were being spent properly. On Tuesday, February 7, said the assistant to Russian leader Vladislav Surkov, the Agency Sputnik.

“Financial assistance to Russia is growing, despite the difficult economic situation. But South Ossetia is an exception, because there was trust. Russia is not interested in to back the dark past”, — said Surkov at the meeting with the President of the Republic Leonid Tibilov.

He remembered how the situation developed in the Republic before coming Tibilov. “It was tough for me. I saw the legacy that you inherited from the previous government, I was dismayed by the irresponsibility and incompetence that flourished here,” he said.

According to him, now in Russia note with satisfaction that the funds are spent properly. Surkov also Tibilov, Mr Putin conveyed words of support from President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Tibilov, in turn, thanked the Russian leadership for its constant attention to the problems of South Ossetia.

Surkov, arrived in Tskhinvali for a one-day visit. In the capital of the Republic he visited the new building of the children’s hospital and theatre, which will soon be commissioned.

Tibilov was elected President of South Ossetia in 2012. The next presidential elections in the Republic scheduled for 9 April.