Trump spoke about the surreal feelings on his presidency

Donald Trump The President of the United States Donald trump in a Fox News interview said that he had a surreal feeling from his inauguration as head of state, reports The Hill. “I must confess that when the next day I walked into the house through the main entrance, I said to myself: “This is amazing”,” said the American leader. However, he noted that the feeling of unreality you need to overcome, because the front of a lot of work. U.S. presidential election, in which the representative of the Republicans trump has bypassed the competitor from the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, held on 8 November 2016. The inauguration of the new President took place on January 20. Almost immediately after taking office, President trump has signed a decree according to which the citizens of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and the Sudan, including the holders of the green card, it

Kazakhstan has announced a new round of talks on Syria in Astana

Aleppo New negotiations on the settlement of the Syrian conflict will be held in Astana, roughly, in mid-February. About it reports on Tuesday, February 7, “Interfax” with reference to the foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov. “Of course, [meeting],” said the Minister, noting that “Astana platform” remains relevant. The official date of the meeting, as reported by Abdrakhmanov, not yet, however, countries-guarantors of the political process focus on the middle of the month. “Traditionally we receive information from the guarantor countries, then proceed to the preparation of the meeting”, — he added. January 24, at the talks in the capital of Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey and Iran agreed to establish a joint body that is entrusted with monitoring compliance with the ceasefire in Syria. The competence of the tripartite Commission is to ensure full compliance with the ceasefire and “prevent any provocations and determination of the modalities of the cease-fire.” The

Trump spoke about mutual interests, Obama

Barack Obama and Donald trump The President of the United States Donald trump expressed his confidence that the former us leader Barack Obama refers to him with sympathy. It is reported by The Huffington Post, citing an interview the politician gave the Fox News channel. The head of state added that he also likes its predecessor. “A very strange phenomenon. We get on well. Don’t know whether he acknowledges this, but he likes me (…) I feel it (…) He told me, too,” he said. Trump also admitted that before he and Obama “spoke about each other terrible things.” “Politics is an amazing thing,” — concluded the President.

The health Ministry will form a working group to determine the future of homeopathy

Continuation of: national Council for homeopathy has accused pharmaceutical companies in the lobbying decision of the Commission of Sciences After the recognition by the Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) homeopathy pseudoscience, the Ministry of health will form a working group that will develop proposals for further regulation of the industry. This is stated in the message of the official representative of the Ministry of health Oleg Salaga, arrived in edition “” on Monday, February 6. It is expected that the discussion will be attended by the representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences, leading medical institutions and specialists in the field of homeopathy. “Currently, methods of homeopathy in varying degrees, acceptable for use in most countries of the world. We believe that within the treatment process and public procurement should be used only drugs with proven clinical efficacy,” said Salagay. Earlier on Monday, 6 February, the Commission

LDPR suggested to cancel criminal punishment for violations at rallies

Deputies of fraction of LDPR has drafted a bill on the abolition of criminal prosecution for repeated violations at rallies. On Monday, February 6, reported on the website of the party. The liberal Democrats propose to exclude from the Criminal code of Russia article 212.1, the maximum penalty for which is five years of imprisonment. “The authors of the draft law on the introduction of the article 212.1 of the criminal code in its introduction had only one goal: (…) to prevent repeated violations of the law during public events. However, the severity of the offense and the apparent stiffness and disproportion of punishment to the severity of the offence was not taken into account”, — stated in the message. The liberal Democrats point out that under this article it is possible to prosecute the person who has already suffered administrative punishment. This, according to the authors of the draft

Small parties have proposed to exclude from presidential race

The deputies of the LDPR faction in the Duma introduced a bill that enshrines the right to nominate a candidate for President of Russia, only those parties that have been in the Parliament after the September elections. The corresponding document is available in the electronic database of the lower house of the Russian Parliament on Monday, 6 February. According to representatives of the liberal democratic party, a large number of political movements in the lists may confuse voters. “And among those political parties and so-called phony”, — stated in the explanatory Memorandum. The authors of the bill believe that only parliamentary parties have sufficient experience of participation in election campaigns and “may carry political responsibility.” “The adoption of the Federal law will allow this in Russia election campaign, which will promote the more efficient, preferred and responsible choice by voters of a candidate for the office of President”, — the

The defense Ministry has denied the deaths of five Russians in Syria

Photo: TASS Military called false information and spreading the message of the TV channel “al Jazeera” about the deaths of Russian soldiers, reports RIA Novosti. The defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, said that all Russian military personnel in Syria are alive and perform their tasks. “The message of Qatar TV channel “al Jazeera” about the alleged death of Russian soldiers in Syria is another information spreading,” said Konashenkov. According to him, it is regrettable that one of the largest middle Eastern media “engaged in the distribution of such counterfeiting.” Earlier, Arab TV announced that night near Latakia killed five Russian soldiers after the explosion of the military car.

Lavrov spoke about the steps to promote the Geneva process on Syria

Photo: RIA Novosti Moscow has taken concrete steps to assist the Geneva process on the Syrian settlement, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “We support the resumption of inter-Syrian negotiations under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General special envoy for Syria, de Mistura Staffan. Continue to believe that their format needs to be broad, inclusive, as provided for in the resolution 2254 of the UN security Council. Taking specific steps to assist the Geneva process, an additional impulse which gave Astana”, — he said in an interview with the Austrian magazine “Profil”. The resumption of inter-Syrian talks under the auspices of the United Nations was moved from the beginning of the month for February 20. Russia last January talks in Astana was handed over to the Syrian opposition proposals on the draft Constitution. As noted earlier, Lavrov, the Russian Federation has thus opened the discussion on the content of the

The white house declassified data on 78 attacks, which were ignored by the media

The White house released a list of the 78 terrorist acts, previously poorly covered in the Western press. The list was published in Twitter by the producer of the CNN from the pool of the White house Kevin Lipták. Later, an extended list of attacks was spread by some Western media.   It is noted that this publication took place after the U.S. President Donald trump. In his opinion, the level of terrorist risk, including those associated with banned terrorist group ISIL, is not sufficiently covered in the press, creating a sense of “suppressing” threats.   In the published list of nearly eight dozen attacks, most of which do not widely spread in the media. With the Russian Federation in the list are linked to the two terrorist attacks, responsibility for which was assumed by ISIS. One of them is the crash of a Russian passenger airliner over the Sinai

Nearly three thousand Syrians a day have received humanitarian aid from Russia

Successful conduct of several humanitarian actions in the city of Aleppo and the Damascus province, Russia provided humanitarian aid for nearly three thousand Syrians, stated in the Bulletin of the Russian humanitarian Centre for reconciliation in Syria.   “During the day Russian Centre for reconciliation the warring parties conducted six humanitarian actions in the city of Aleppo and in the village of Mara’abe the province of Damascus, which made the transfer of civilians to 3.5 tons of bread and 400 food packages”, – stated in the message.   Earlier , the Russian Centre for reconciliation the warring parties have carried out five humanitarian actions, with the result that during the day, the assistance received 2,7 thousand inhabitants. The total weight given to the population of humanitarian goods amounted to 3.7 tons. Photo: defense Ministry