Fox: trump doubts the right of the US to lecture Russia


© EPA/Ron Sachs/POOL

USA in the past made too many mistakes to read now the moral of Russia. This is the meaning of the answers given by the President of the United States Donald trump in an interview with Fox News channel.

The White house was asked, does it continue to be respectful to the Russian President. “I respect many people, but this does not mean that I will find common language with them; he (President Vladimir Putin) is head of state. I will say this: it is better to get along with Russia, than not to get along. If Russia will help us in the fight against ISIS (“Islamic state” banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group. – Approx. TASS), Islamic terrorism in the world, it will be good,” said trump.

“Will I be able to get along with him? Have no idea,” added a Republican.

When he was reminded about the charges of the West against Russia and its leadership, trump stated that the United States can hardly be called perfect in moral terms side. “And what do you think? Our country is innocent?” he asked a question.

Trump invited the facilitator to carefully study what made the United States. “We made a lot of mistakes. From the beginning I was against the war in Iraq. A lot of mistakes, a lot of people have been killed; so believe me, killers all around and so many”, – concluded the President.

The first after the inauguration of the new head of the U.S. administration telephone conversation of presidents of Russia and the United States, held on 28 January, was welcomed both in Moscow and in Washington. Leaders “in a positive and business-like manner” discussed a number of international issues, including the consolidation of the efforts against the terrorist group ISIS, and agreed to maintain “regular personal contact”, including to work out future meeting, said the press service of the Kremlin.