As Ukrainian saboteurs the hunt for the leaders of the DNI and LC

The explosion of a car with the head of the national police LNR Oleg Anashchenko in Lugansk and fairly quick arrest of the main suspect in his murder, a certain unnamed “major APU” stirred “spy theme” Ukrainian agents in the Donbass. The fact of presence of Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups in the DNI and LC are well known, but right now their activities are particularly active. Kiev is trying to not only attack in open battle, but by stealth, targeting not only soldiers on the frontline, but also the leaders of the breakaway republics in Donetsk and Lugansk.


The head of the people’s militia of Lugansk Oleg Anashchenko destroyed according to the classical scheme, which is equally used as the security services and representatives of mafia structures. His car was booby-trapped, it seems, was under visual observation: the signal at undermining it came to the moment when the object was in the car and couldn’t leave during the movement.


This method of elimination is much more effective than a sniper shot, who want to know exactly the route of the vehicle, to occupy a favorable position, to provide escape routes.



Do not guarantee accurate bullets tinted glass, speed and attentiveness of the security service, which expects exactly the fire damage, the protected person. Mine car too hard, but if hung the explosive device, it only remains to wait for the right moment. Anyway here are working professionals and not robbers.


The arrest of chief suspect after the attack, tried to escape from Lugansk, dressed in a dress that revealed and that it belongs to the Gur MOU – the Main intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Allegedly, the detainee has already confessed and is now searching for his accomplices. Certainly spyware the group will be revealed and neutralized.



While there are no guarantees that this is the only cell of the Ukrainian security services, smuggled into the Republic of Donbass to destroy the leaders and influential military commanders of the unrecognized Kiev DND and LNR. And hardly “major APU” will help reveal the subversive network in the Donbas: he’s just a small card in a big game Ukrainian secret service, had set the goal to destabilize the situation in the breakaway region and to sow panic among the civilian population.


“The Ukrainian side has long abandoned the idea of a breakthrough to the rear of the LC and the DNI major sabotage and reconnaissance groups and uses singles who can contact each other using mobile phones or other gadgets, – says military expert Evgeny Krutikov. Despite heavy security, a paramilitary setting always flourishes the illegal trade of one and all, including the SIM card.


In Lugansk there is already a traditional system as surveillance, but the scan data of the cell towers is still very real. No one is saying that the assassination will be solved in the short term, but hope that some of the leads will result is.”


At the end of 2014, Ukrainian Gur deployed in the vicinity of Kramatorsk a training center that has not previously been mentioned in the documents of the APU. Officially for training, in the heading of the current officers of the Ukrainian army, but the additional training was very specific: demolitions, sniper case, the mastery of operational skills and a thorough study of the intended place of business of the Donbas.



The presence of American instructors from the composition Department of the CIA that is firmly established in the knowledge of the SBU in Kiev, gave the opportunity to call this place the intelligence center. It is possible that a graduate of this school was detained February 6, in Lugansk the major APU.


“This intelligence center, which in Ukraine there are about a dozen, spetsializiruyutsya on the training for intelligence and sabotage activities “behind the lines” – says former intelligence chief of airborne troops, Colonel Pavel Popovsky. – In Kramatorsk school, which is located 50 kilometers from the demarcation line in the Donbass, the specialization goes to the future in Russia and mainly on the application of acquired skills and sabotage in Donetsk and Lugansk. Such a thing as language training, almost missing all the students equally fluent in both Russian and Ukrainian language, many are well aware of not only the region of Donbas and adjacent areas of Russia.


This sent officers who already have a basic military education and managed to serve in various positions, so training is mostly on special subjects related to intelligence and sabotage work. Moreover, the emphasis increasingly is placed on intelligence activities: intelligence gathering, recruitment of agents from among the local population, which are involved in the service of law enforcement agencies. Net commandos – piece goods, those who are sending for the execution of terrorist attacks. As it was with the groups that tried to infiltrate the Crimea. It is likely that all attacks on leaders of the LNR and the DNI is in the hands of graduates of this intelligence school”.


If so, the Ukrainian saboteurs big enough “track record” in the Donbass. Over the past two years they had destroyed more than two dozen influential military and political leaders of new Russia. The high – profile case- the undermining of October 16, 2016 in the Elevator of the famous Motorola, Arseniy Pavlov, which was committed several attacks. In January 2015 the attack of the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups was killed the popular mayor of Pervomaisk (Luhansk region) Evgenie Ishchenko.



In may of the same year eliminated the commander of the battalion “Ghost” Alexei Brain. In December, an explosive device claimed the life of Paul dremova, known by the Callsign dad later was killed by Batman – Alex the poor. And Evgeny Zhilin, one of the founders of the LC, the head of the public organization “Stronghold” was killed in September 2016 in the suburban village of Gorki-2. Known cases of attacks on the leaders LNR and DND Igor Carpenter and Alexander Zakharchenko. As you can see, the hands of the Ukrainian security services long enough. But seeing how they are successfully cut off.


Recently mentioned in Kramatorsk was a scandal: SBU found hidden surveillance cameras in one of the public institutions of this city. Not publicized, but the cameras were installed in one of the pubs, which he loved to visit in the evening, the audience of a special forces, so that all their photos were well known to the staff of the MGB (Ministry of state security) of the Donetsk people’s Republic. The rate of spies in the Donbass never sent, prefer to gain new listeners, untraceable.



By the way, the effectiveness of the MGB of Donetsk is largely associated with the work of Vladimir Antyufeyev, who in 2014 became Deputy Prime Minister of the DNI, who oversees security issues. Previously, he was head of the MGB Transnistria, which was recognized as one of the best structures of state security in the former Soviet Union. It seems that his experience came in very handy and in response to the same statistics of attacks in Donetsk is much lower than in Lugansk. But “the invisible soldiers” to relax is not necessary.


Author: Viktor Sokirko