Traffic police denied reports about the accident with the armored car on the ring road

In the capital’s traffic police denied reports about what happened on the Moscow ring road accident with participation of an armored car, the TV channel “360”.

“An accident on the MKAD section from such a technique the police was not recorded. According to some reports, the car stopped due to technical fault,” explained the Ministry, adding that after the fault the car continued to move.

Earlier on Monday, 6 February, the radio station “Moscow speaking” reported that on the outer side of ring road after crossing highway Novogorlovsky a car crashed on the trailing a military convoy of armored vehicles. It was noted that as a result of road accident nobody suffered.

In November 2016 in Moscow at the inner side of the 31-th kilometer of Moscow ring road, the clash of armored personnel carrier and truck provoked the tube. As a result of road accident nobody suffered. It was reported that the APC belongs to Regardie.